Services & Pricing

First, decide whether you want to receive your digital conversion on a DVD or USB stick.

Digital Conversion to DVD

DVDs typically hold two hours of footage. We can convert VHS tapes, Cine Film 3", 5" and 7" all into DVDs.

Digital Conversion to USB

We can fit more video footage on a USB stick, depending on how many tapes you want to convert, the maximum being 128Gb USB.

DVD Prices

  • VHS Tape - Up to 2 hours footage                 £7 (+£2 for each additional 2 hours per tape)

  • Cine Film 3" - £9.99

  • Cine Film 5" - £19.99

  • Cine Film 7" - £29.99

  • 35mm Slide Scanning - £0.40 per Slide

USB Prices

  • VHS Tape - £5 + USB stick cost

  • Cine Film 3" - £9.99

  • Cine Film 5" - £19.99

  • Cine Film 7" - £29.99

  • Cassette - £3 per tape

  • DVD - £5 + USB stick cost

  • 35mm Slide Scanning - £0.40 per Slide

How to Order

To place your order, simply click the order button and fill out the contact form detailing your order and we will be in touch to organise delivery or collection of your tapes.

We do offer a 10% discount on bulk orders of 20 or more tapes so why not get all your tapes converted in one go? 

Finally as part of our service, we will never charge up front, if a tape ends up being damaged or blank, we won't charge you for it.


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